Souvenirs from calcite

Calcite is a powerful cleansing and energizing stone. It is enough to just have a small calcite in the room to clear the room of negative energies.
The energy of this mineral encourages development and growth. Calcite is associated with the higher plane and contributes to the discovery of mental abilities, receiving conscious experiences of out-of-body experience, helps to remember and assimilate the information thus obtained.
Calcite combines emotions with intelligence, developing emotional literacy. Helps to overcome the state of inactivity, laziness and be more energetic and active in all respects.
Mentally, calcite calms the mind, teaches insight and analysis, and improves memory. Develops the ability to move from words to actions. A great helper in learning.
Calcite is effective for emotional stress, it calms and strengthens self-confidence and the ability to resist setbacks.

Magical properties
As a talisman, calcite is an excellent assistant to businessmen, economists, financiers, lawyers and doctors. It makes them far-sighted and protects them from professional mistakes. Astrologers advise to have products made of calcite for motorists and professional drivers, because it is believed that the stone is able to protect the owner from the difficulties of the way, in particular from accidents.
Calcite crystals are used for meditation. A transparent variety of calcite (Icelandic spar) is used to open the 8 chakras ("stars of the soul").
Medical property
Calcite helps cleanse the body and strengthens the immune system. Improves the absorption of calcium in the body and the state of the bone system. It has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, pancreas and spleen, and improves the functioning of the digestive system in General.
Astrologers believe that calcite is not associated with any planet and is not tied to any sign of the zodiac. He is so friendly that he is ready to help all people regardless of the month of their birth