Demantoid jewelry stone is available at the souvenirs of the regions stores!

About the gemstone

Field Russia (Urals) Demantoid translated from Greek - the similarity of diamond belongs to the class of andradite varieties of the pomegranate supergroup. Semi-precious stone Ural diamond was highly appreciated by famous jewelers of the world, such as Tiffany, Karl Faberge.

Divided into 5 varieties:

Emerald Green

Bright green

Grass green

Light green

Pale green (with a yellow tint)


  • chemical formula of Ca3Fe2 (SiO4)
  • Hardness 6.5-7
  • Density 3.8 g / cm3 or more
  • Glitter glass, diamond

Impurities of chromium, titanium and other metals, changes the color of the stone from dark green to bright yellow. There are demantoids with the effect of "cat's eye", which creates fibrous inclusions. There are stones with golden "sparks."